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  Sample Outputs:  Several Formats are Available.  Here are a few:
  XML Format:
  XML Format:

The fields returned by the Query are:

Telephone Number: This is the 10 digit dialed number.

Valid: Yes or No. Indicates whether this is a valid phone number but does not guarantee that it is working at the moment.

Wireless: Indicates whether the phone number is wireless. ‘Yes’ = Wireless, ‘No’ = Landline

Ported: Indicates whether the phone number has been ported from the original carrier. ‘NO’ for Not Ported, ‘YES’ for Ported

OCN: The four alphanumeric characters Operating Company Number (OCN) assigned by Telcordia to the NPA-NXX-X of the Telephone_Number field.

OCNType: The primary carrier service associated with the OCN

CAP = Competitive Access Provider

CLEC = Competitive Local Exchange Carrier INTL = International

LRSR = Local Reseller IC = Interexchange Carrier

ILEC = Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier

IPES = Internet Protocol Enabled Services

OTHR = Various miscellaneous cases

PCS = Personal Communications Service

PCSR = Personal Communication Services Reseller

RBOC = Regional Bell Operating Company

ULEC = Unbundled Local Exchange Carrier

WIRE = Wireless Provider (Non-PCS Cellular, Paging, Radio)

WRSL = Wireless Reseller

OCNName: The corporate name associated with the OCN

City: The abbreviated telecom name for the city in which the NPA-NXX-X is primarily served.

State: The standard two alpha character abbreviation for the state in which the NPA-NXX-X is primarily served.

LATA: The 3 digit local access transport area

SMS: Simple Message Service. Email address to send simple text to cell phone

MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service. Email address to send simple text or multimedia to cell phone.