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LNPLookUp Batch Application:
  Our service includes a free destop PC application for running batches of phone numbers.  It runs on Windows or on a Mac using Windows emulation software.

* Uses a simple interface that runs any size list of numbers
* You type or paste your numbers into the Input column and then Press Start.  When the list is complete, you simply copy and paste the numbers into your application.

Step by Step Instructions:
1.) Enter your 10 digit numbers line by line into the "Input" column on the left.  You can type or "Paste" the numbers into this column using the "Copy and Paste" Windows feature.  Press the "Paste Button" to paste the numbers from another program.
2.) Press the "Start" button.
3.) Watch the progress of the lookups at the bottom next to "Processing Record...."
4.) The Local Number Portability data for each telephone number will be listed in the "Output" column on the right.
5.) You can now press the "Copy Button" to copy the output to the Windows Clipboard.
6.) Open another application such as Excel, Access or Word and then click on "Edit Paste" or press "Ctrl - V".  All of the output should now appear in that application for further processing, etc.

The output format can be configured as "Comma Delimited" or "Tab Delimited".  In most cases the Tab format will work best when pasted into other applications.

The first time you use the LNPLookUp Batch Processor Application you will need to enter the Lookup URL and the password.  These 2 items will be provided to you when you order the service.


Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Mac OS X running Parallels Desktop

Microsoft Certified Virus Free Software